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  • Company OrientationThe manufacturer and service provider focusing on quality aluminium.
    Company VisionEnterprise develops from small to big and then achieve the top of the industry, customers are all over the world, create the Top 10 Brand.
    Team Philosophy Mind determines status, objective determines action; performance determines value and innovation determines competitiveness.
    Operation PhilosophyProfession and innovation, focusing on quality, considerate service, high efficiency and responsible management.
  • Company VisionSatisfy the clients, shareholders and employees through management.
    Operation Outline "Management is the root, quality is the foundation, innovation is the way, and service is the road.
    Company SpiritTeam work, sincerity, innovation, aggressiveness and pragmatism.
    Quality Objective Quick, Accurate, Excellent • New, Pragmatic and Beautiful, satisfy the clients, and supply to the world.
  • Quality PolicyQuality wins the future.
    Quality IdeaBrand is in the heart, quality is in the hand, there is better instead of best.
    Value ViewpointCooperation is borderless, win-win in the life, greeting worldwide clients and satisfying in Jihua.