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Management is the root, quality is the foundation,
innovation is the way, and service is the road

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  • in March, it passed the reevaluation of high-tech enterprises

    Won "one of the top 100 Chinese brands" in May

    In May, the company joined hands with kaisenberg to become the strategic partner of door and window technology research and development
  • In January, kings domain of Australia won the "40 years of reform and opening up" top 10 brands of aluminum profiles in China
  • March: awarded the "2018 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Top 500 Excellent Green Building Aluminium Profile Suppliers";
    March: awarded the "Old Story 'Craftsmanship" Column Enterprise" issued by the "Craftsmanship" Column Group of Old Story Channel of CCTV Central News Documentary Film Factory (Group);
    April: awarded the "Member of Foshan High-Tech Industry Association";
    May: Jihua Aluminium awarded the "Quality Pioneer Exhibition Product" certificate in 2018-2019 Quality Brand Pioneer Activity held by www.cqn.com.cn
    In August 28th, "Ingenuity" was first released on CCTV's old story channel in thirty years.
  • Won "high and new technology enterprise";
    March: awarded the "2018 China Real Estate Development Enterprise Top 500 Preferred Wood Grain Heat Insulation Aluminium Profile Suppliers";
    June: listed in the White List of "CURA First Batch of Green Suppliers", and Nanhai District "Export Quality Demonstration Enterprise";
    November: awarded "Guangdong Province Energy Conservation and Eco-Friendly Aluminium Profile Curtain Wall System Engineering Technical Research Center".
  • Awarded "QUALISINO" certificate and "QUALISINO Member" certificate;
    Awarded the Non-Ferrous Product Physical Quality Golden Cup certificate issued by China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association;
    October: the new product developed by the Company obtained 5 national utility model patent certificates again;
    Participated in the revision of GB/ T8013 "Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Anodic Oxidation Film and Organic Polymer Film" series standards;
  • Awarded the "Top 10 Brands of Aluminium Materials in China" certificate, "Top 10 Brands of China Technological Innovation Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Industry" and "State Special Spot Check Quality Benchmarking Enterprise" certificate; "Guangdong Enterprises Which Honor Contract and Keep Promise" for 24 years;
  • Business registration of "Guangdong Jihua Aluminium Co., Ltd."
  • Awarded "Non-ferrous Metals Product Physical Quality Golden Cup";
  • The management of the Company was upgraded, and Jihua Aluminium awarded "Standardization Good Practice" AAA Enterprise;
  • Participated in the drafting of national standard GB/T 28289-2012 "Composite Performance Test Method of Aluminium Alloy Heat-Insulating Profile". Industrial standard YS/T 781.4 -2012 "Clean Production Level Evaluation Technical Requirements on Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Pipe, Rod and Profile Industry --- Part 4: Fluorocarbon Paint Spraying Product".
  • Awarded "Excellent Management Award";
  • Participated in the drafting of industrial standard YS/T 730-2010 "Aluminium Alloy Wood Grain Section Bar for Construction";
  • Participate in the drafting of national standard GB 5237.2-2008 "Aluminium Alloy Building Profiles - Part 2: Anodic Oxidation Profiles"
  • "Jihua Brand" trademark was entitled as "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark";
  • Obtained "Key Hi-Tech Enterprise" certificate, in the same year, entitled "Guangdong Province Famous Brand Product";
  • Obtained "National Level Torque Program Project" certificate with the "Powder Spraying Thermal Transfer Metal Decorative Materials" certificate;
    In May, Jiahua Aluminium was recognized as "Foshan Planned Aluminium Material Deep Processing Engineering Technical Research and Development center" and "Guangdong Province High-Tech Enterprise" by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province;
  • Introduced Italy aluminium material and aluminium plate wood grain thermal transfer equipment and technology, leading the development of wood grain aluminium products in the industry;
  • Awarded "Guangdong Province Quality Product" and "National Market Users Satisfied Products";
  • In April, Jihua Aluminium undertook the China Aluminium Alloy and Glass Curtain Wall Standard Atlas Drafting Meeting and participated in the formulation of the standard;
  • Awarded "Aluminium Profile Manufacturer for National Standard Design Doors and Windows" by Standard Institute of Ministry of Construction;
  • Awarded CQM certificate and Germany TUV Quality System certificate;
  • Foshan Jihua Aluminium, in the era of reform and opening-up, dares to be the first, has developed the well-known "Jihua Aluminium Sections" which has earned high recognition from consumers;